Sunday, June 23rd, 15h-17h

Tarif: 25€

Join me for the fourth Yin Masterclass in the Five Element Series. We'll bring in some essential oils to stimulate the full heat of Yang energy, joy, abundance and community as well as some simple self massage techniques!

The lovely Nancy will be there too, to accompany our session with some beautiful, toucing, live music! Listening to her play, during a class takes you to a different place!!

This time we'll be focusing our attention on the Fire Element which is linked to the Heart and Small Intestine meridians.

Fire develops and grows from the previous Wood phase; it is expansive and warm, alll forms of life flourish in the yang energy of fire.
Fire signifies growth and full flowering, optimism. It is nature at its peak of growth and warmth in human relationships.

The practice will focus on the digestive system and the upper body - our focus will be on soothing the mind and heart. The session will have a meditative quality and we will turn our energy outwards towards others, towards abundance. Fire can be a gently burning candle, or a raging wild fire; without Fire'swarmth and joy, no fruition is possible, but we learn how to tame that fire and give it structure.

The essential oils used during the practice (for those who wish to use them!) will be beneficial for soothing our mind and emotions aswell as a little cooling. move
We will focus on two self massage techniques to help you find balance for the Summer months.

The class is open to everyone! You may want to bring a notebook and a pen in case something interesting surfaces during the Yin sequence.

Payments by cash, cheque, Lydia or Pumpkin (via 0689975769)

See you on the mat :)

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