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50 hour Restorative Yoga Alliance International Accredited Teacher Training

This is a NEW training, I'm so exciteed to share with you all

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This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance International and the 100 hours are the international minimum to teach Yoga. By taking part in this training, you will be able to teach Vinyasa Yoga all over the world - the sky is your limit!


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Cynthia Hayek, Osteopath, Yoga Teacher

Experienced osteopath, graduate from CEESO in Paris, I first practiced for 3 years in Montreal in the Mansfield Clinic. There, I had the opportunity to work with sports therapists, acupuncturists, and physiotherapists. Learning through them, I understood that to be efficient, long term, osteopathic treatment had to pair with an intelligent combination of deep muscles strenghtening and stretching.


Yoga is that combination. This is why it became part of my philosophy and my life balance. And I work everyday on communicating that belief to my patients. In Montreal, I also obtained a nutrition certification to complement my osteopathic approach with specific dietary advice. I left Canada and went to Thailand to learn Thai massage. I obtained my certification at the Sunshine Massage School and, at the same time, met yoga teachers, who elevated my practice to an other spiritual and physical level.


Back in Paris, I built my own practice where I still receive patients of any age and background, from infants to elederly. I also make interventions in companies to teach workers, whatever fields they are involved in, how to preserve a healthy body by adopting a good posture at work, and set up a balanced lifestyle.


In the past year I led seminars with yoga teachers associating anatomy and yoga, teaching yogis how to correct their postures, and really feel and understand their benefit. I completed my first 200H Yoga Training this year! This will allow me to combine both of my passion in one practice : osteopathy and yoga.

Maja Savic, Voice Coach

Maja Savic is a Holistic Transformation Coach & Healer and her mission is to empower women to feel confident to pursue their heart’s desire and design their life under their own terms.

She helps individuals discover their life purpose, clear any blocks that are stopping them from pursuing their dreams, aligns them with their goals, creating their vision and designing their life and/or business. Maja is also a Jazz Singer and Meditation Teacher.

From Maja's website www.qinspiredlife.com :

"A step further in my training was to get trained to be a Life Coach. I realized I had been doing coaching for years with my singing students and friends, helping them follow their heart and live in alignment with their life purpose. So when I found a certification course on “Life Purpose Coaching” by Transformational Services I jumped right in! I got certified and started coaching for real. I feel blessed to be of service to others in making their dreams come true and I plan to keep on training and coaching as I feel this is my life’s purpose."

Maja gives Reiki treatments, offers Life Coaching, teaches workshops, helps people find balance and inner peace, learning how to relax and breathe. She creates her own meditations and meditative music using subliminal messages and frequencies (combining spirituality and music – her two passions), and much more!

Romain Duguet, Inversion & Arm Balance Champ

Romain started practicing Yoga only a few years ago and completed his 200h Multi-style teacher training with Louise. Romain has a passion for going upside down and inspires fun and dynamic classes.​

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