Prenatal Yoga in this class our attention will be on helping expectant mothers alleviate various physical and emotional conditions experienced during pregnancy.

Each class includes a warm-up, pranayama (breath work), strengthening and stretching yoga postures and a long relaxation. We will work progressively through forward and backward bends, rotations and side bends. Our focus will be on releasing tension (lower back, shoulders, ribcage), strengthening and softening.

As well as enhancing the energy, mobility, general health and serenity of mamas-to-be, prenatal yoga will bring you into a deep sense of unity with your body and breath. The pace is slow and steady, postures are held for just the right amount of time for you to benefit from each shape. We will take significant time in each posture, and move at an effortless, relaxed pace.
This class is the perfect way to start your weekend and your day - slowly, taking your time!


- Private or Semi Private Classes only.


Please contact me for details

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