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February 23rd & 24th 2019

Fascia is the "new thing", it's fashionable to talk about fascia and we're beginning to hear about it more and more, but what exactly is it?

This two day training will teach you all you need to know (the basics at least!) about fascinating fascia!

We'll talk about the science behind it (where it is, what it does), learn how to feel it, move it, how to take care of it through many different techniques and most importantly - why we need to take care of it!

The training will give you tips and advice but also skills to use to

- Reduce pain
- Increase flexibility

- Develop your range of motion

- Improve health & vitality

- Teach techniques to others

- Refine body awareness and kinesthetic sense

- Enhance sense of touch


Both days will begin with a Yoga & Pranayama session, followed by a short meditation.

Subjects covered:

Anatomy of tissues
What is Fascia

What is kinesthetic sense and how to develop it

Emotional tissues

Self Massage Techniques
Myofascial Release Techniques

Exploring our intuition

Yoga Nidra

Breathing techniques

Yin Yoga
Teaching fascia release

Elodie Dulac will be our guest speaker helping you to develop your sense of touch and intuition. Her discussion will be held in French.

Course limited to 15 participants.

Please note a certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the course, however this is not a diploma. The course is not accredited to any governing body.

The course is in English, but I speak fluent French.



Saturday, February 23rd, 10h-18h
Sunday, February 24th, 10h-18h

Bliss Home, 17 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris


Basic understanding/practice of Yoga


  • 125€​ non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance to the course 

  • Cheque for remaining amount (depending on Early Bird offer) cashed 1 week before the course, include 15€ extra if you wish to enjoy a homemade, vegetarian curry on both days for the training.

  • For cancellations more than 1 week prior course commencement, all fees will be refunded, except the 125€ non-refundable deposit.

  • For cancellations less than 1 week prior to course commencement, no refund will be given.

  • Please note: a minimum of 5 people is required for the training to go ahead. If this number is not met, then a full refund will be issued.

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 175€ January 15th


PLUS: 15€ if you wish to enjoy a homemade vegetarian curry on both days!

PRICE: 175€ until January 15th 2019, then 200€

Included: course sessions, workshops and lectures, handouts, certificate of completion

Not included: transport, meals, accomodation (if required)

Extra: if you wish to enjoy a healthy, vegetarian curry during the training, add 15€ for the 2 days!

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