Sunday March 17th, 15h30-17h30

Tarif: 50€ or come with a friend and you both pay 45€

Spring is almost here! It’s time to wash away Winter’s heavy habits from our bodies and minds, and embrace the vitality of the new season. Join us in this blissful 2 hour workshop designed to recharge you inside and out. We will guide you through:

Qi Gong
Essential oil
Self foot massage

So that you get a cleansing reboot of the mental and physical!

We will begin with moving acupuncture (yes, you can put points in and move around!) during qi gong and yoga which will help the body begin the detox process. Following that we will relax on our mats for self foot massage with hands or balls (tennis or golf, anyone?) Then we move into a zen sivasana featuring essential oil and special acupuncture points that clean the Liver (the body’s chief detox organ) and relax the mind. After 2 hours you will be in a delicious state of tranquility, prepared to bloom into Spring’s energy.

The regular rate is 50€, but take advantage of our special deal - sign up with a friend and both of you enjoy 5€ off!

Contact Hayley Enright to reserve your spot at acuinparis@gmail.com or


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